Here you'll find a random assortment of things I enjoy. Mostly gaming, comics, or Star Wars.

I wouldn't mind finding new people to talk to, so feel free to start talking with me.



hobbies include:

  • playing video games
  • crying over video games
  • buying video game soundtracks
  • talking about video games
  • taking screenshots of video games
  • video games

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Ok, real talk. Guild Wars 1 is and will always be my favorite game of all time. 

And because joswiwindu mentioned the music on twitter, I had to go and listen to the medley of opening themes and just 

It makes me so effing happy to listen to. Seriously. I could cry.

Uughhh. Nothing in my gaming life will ever come close. 


Guild Wars is still one of my favorites. It is still the only mmo I have played that I found a good guild/group to play with.

I’ve since lost touch with them. I keep hoping to find a group that good every time I start a new mmo, it just hasn’t happened and I’m always disappointed when I can’t and end up playing it alone.

While it was a fantastic game, that group was a big part of my love for it and really wish I could find something like it.

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there are some people that i follow that i’m never unfollowing. like it’s ride or die at this point we’re in this together 4 life

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Iron Man Trivia Part 1/Part 2 click on pictures to read captions with more trivia

Wait, so

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When Braum and Udyr lane together


When Braum and Udyr lane together

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fangirl meme: video games [6/10]

"Dreams hold our memories. Sleep holds our dreams. And darkness— it holds our sleep."

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X-Men by John Gallagher

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this ain’t no place for no hero

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This just gets funnier and funnier each time I watch it.


This just gets funnier and funnier each time I watch it.

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  • What I say: how can I make a balanced party
  • What I mean: who wants to come along with my LI and I
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